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What an amazing (under $8.00!) Jacket

In Menswear, Vintage on September 30, 2011 at 3:24 pm

Take a look at this amazing jacket, which if I understand correctly was bought at a thrift store for about $8.00!

Take a closer look at the Tweed.

The same jacket, up close.

I agree with what the author of the post says about wearing this jacket as part of an outfit…

 All I need now is a cashmere turtleneck in tan, cream, or dark charcoal. Better keep the attitude in check, though. The line between stylish and unbearably pretentious is razor thin with garments like this, but I’m willing to have a go on the tightrope.


If I were rich I’d buy this Jack Spade Stuff

In Menswear, Outfit on September 23, 2011 at 8:00 am

According the the GQ blog about fashion & style, the clothing company Jack Spade has made some killer new stuff…

…introducing men’s suiting for the first time, and they’re not messing around. The collection of traditionally-inspired pieces (think hopsack, herringbone, flannel, and camel hair) will be constructed entirely in the Massachusetts factory of venerable made-in-the-USA tailoring house, Southwick.

GQ also reports that one of the (really smart) things that Jack Spade is doing to build buzz around this new line of clothing is having a gentleman named J.P. Williams, who a the co-founder of design mw.

modle the new stuff.  I had never hear of Mr. Williams before reading this post, but as the picture below (as well as those in the GQ post) will show is that he is the perfect guy to show this stuff off.

Why do I say that Mr. Williams is the perfect guy to show this stuff off?  Because, not only does the clothing look good on Williams, which is something that could be said of many other men; he’s the right age and build.  Putting these clothes on a middle aged slim guy who has found a great deal of success in the design field will make the clothing more appealing to that demographic.  And lets face it… with what Jack Spade charges for their stuff that is really the only demographic that will be able to afford such fine things.

A summer suit: via An Affordable Wardrobe

In Outfit on August 11, 2010 at 2:33 pm

One of the fashion / style blogs that I really enjoy reading is An Affordable Wardrobe.  A post that appeared over there today illustrates why I think this blog is double plus awesome…

Summer weddings are fun, though dressing for them can be tricky. For a guy, wearing a suit and tie in the heat is mostly an uncomfortable prospect. But that shouldn’t stop you. I see it as an opportunity to pull off one of the Summer looks I love so much but rarely get to utilize, given that we live in a time when casualness is king, and Summer specific dress clothing, for men at least, is practically becoming archaic. Still…

The outfit that Giuseppe (the author of the blog) put together is killer.  (Check out that amazing knit tie!)

image via: An Affordable Wardrobe

An affordable Wardrobe is also the site that turned me onto the idea of recyclingold shirts by turning them into pocket squares.  A great idea.