Garath W. Henry

A summer suit: via An Affordable Wardrobe

In Outfit on August 11, 2010 at 2:33 pm

One of the fashion / style blogs that I really enjoy reading is An Affordable Wardrobe.  A post that appeared over there today illustrates why I think this blog is double plus awesome…

Summer weddings are fun, though dressing for them can be tricky. For a guy, wearing a suit and tie in the heat is mostly an uncomfortable prospect. But that shouldn’t stop you. I see it as an opportunity to pull off one of the Summer looks I love so much but rarely get to utilize, given that we live in a time when casualness is king, and Summer specific dress clothing, for men at least, is practically becoming archaic. Still…

The outfit that Giuseppe (the author of the blog) put together is killer.  (Check out that amazing knit tie!)

image via: An Affordable Wardrobe

An affordable Wardrobe is also the site that turned me onto the idea of recyclingold shirts by turning them into pocket squares.  A great idea.


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