Garath W. Henry

Summer headwear: The Straw Cowboy Hat.

In Headwear on July 28, 2010 at 5:03 am

This is the second post in a series of posts on Summer Headwear, the first was about the classic bandana.

This post focuses on the straw cowboy hat which I personally think is a damn fine bit of headwear, because it combines the fashion of a regular cowboy hat with the (literal) coolness and sun protection provided by a straw hat.

Up until this summer I shunned any and all sorts of western wear, because I believed that I would look like a total fool if I tried to pull off any sort of western look.  But this summer I got sick of getting bad sun burns (my ancestors were Irish troublemakers)  so when I saw a straw cowboy hat on sale in Target for $6.99 I thought “The only thing I stand to lose by trying this is a few dollars…” and I gave it a try.

Here are the results.

Cowboy hat in the summer by you.
And form a different perspective….
Cowboy hat by you.

Since buying the hat I’ve received received many compliments.  (At one point eight people said how much they liked it on me in the course of a single day).

To date my favorite compliment was someone who said “That hat is awesome!  It is like an angel took a shit on your head.”

Moral of the story:

For less than $10.00 I found out that many people believe I can pull off a somewhat western look, and I got a bit of headwear that I can wear to protect my trouble making Irish skin from the sun.

FTW, eh?

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