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A few bits of style from around the web

In Links on July 27, 2010 at 4:36 am

I read lots of blogs, I mean LOTS. Several of them are “style” blogs, a few are fashion blogs, but most of them are what I would call “digital culture” blogs. I use Google reader as my RSS reader of choice, and over the past few days as I consume content I’ve been tagging a few posts that I wanted to call attention to here, because IMHO they offer some really great sort of style ideas, opinions, and observations.

So. Without further adieu:

1.The first item is from internet superstar Doc Searls (of “The Cluetrain Manifesto” fame) talking about how he lost some unwanted weight when he went to France and changes many of his behaviors due to the culture there.

Weight chart.

From June 13 to July 21, I lived in France. This was the longest I had been out of the country, ever. And, while I loved just about everything about being there, what I’m liking best at the moment is what I failed to take back with me: about ten pounds of fat.

2. The next item is from the wonderful style blog Beyond Fabric.  It is a few simple, but IMHO very important, tips for men who want to look good at work during the summer months.

Clothes, besides serving the basic purpose of protecting you against the environment, and your private parts from the ever watching critical eye of society (Janet Jackson incident is in order), are a means of expression. Well, at least to a certain extent since that same society we’re a part of, dictates and defines rules, protocols and standards for what’s commonly accepted.

3. The third item comes from the always awesome Put This On blog.  It is a great link to a web based tool that can help you find thrift stores in the area you live in.

If you’re looking for thrift stores in your area, you could do a lot worse than The Thrift Shopper.  They’ve got a pretty comprehensive directory of thrifts, searchable by zip code.  Review a few thrift stores in your area, and help build their database!

4. The fourth item is this amazing image from The Satorialist.  I love this image, but I’m not sure why.

On the Street...via Valfonda, Florence. Via: The Sartorialist.

That’s it.  Hope the links are helpful.


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