Garath W. Henry

Words of Wisdom: Jesse Thorn, via Put This On.

In Publications, Quote on July 24, 2010 at 1:47 am

I’m a big fan of the fashion blog Put This On, which is done by Jesse Thorn (of “The Sound of Young America” fame) and Adam Lisagor (of “You Look Nice Today” fame).

Put This On logo

Yesterday Mr. Thorn wrote a very short, simple, yet very effective post, which stated:

To some, this may be self evident, but there is a noteworthy difference between dressing up and dressing well. Do not confuse the two. We are always dressing for a situation. Dressing is always a social act. It is just as possible to dress too formally as it is to dress too informally. An elegant man needn’t dress like everyone else, but he should always dress with the situation in mind.

I can’t agree with Mr. Thorn more, and I’m rather jealous of his ability to eloquently craft words into meaningful blog posts.

If you don’t  read Put This On you really should.


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