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Handmade Business Cards, via An Affordable Wardrobe.

In Design, Hand made on November 22, 2009 at 1:13 am

Maybe it is because I’m a sucker for hand made things, but I think that this business card design from An Affordable Wardrobe is totally amazing.

Hand made business cards, via an affordable wardrobe.

Hand made business cards, via an affordable wardrobe.

Giuseppe Timore (the author of An Affordable Wardrobe) went to a shop, bought these tags, and then used a typewriter to put the text onto the tags!

At the right event cards like this will make a much better impression on people than the “regular” sort of cards that everyone sees all the time.  In Timore’s case he was used these cards when he went to Pop Up Flea: A curated collection of new and vintage men’s goods. IMHO the prefect sort of place to make a good impression with such beautiful hand made business cards.

Other events where I think this card, or a similar sort of card, would be really effective are…

1. Any sort of fashion related event.

2. Anyplace where people who like “vintage” things gather.

3. Events about publishing or books.

4. New media (blogging / podcasting / DIY video) conferences, such as PodCamp or WordCamp.

5. Design conferences.

I really can’t say enough about what a great idea these cards were.  (I wish it was me who though of making them.)

FYI: Another fashion blog called the Trad also posted about this as well.


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