Garath W. Henry

Sneakers with Dress Clothing, via The Sartorialist.

In Shoes on November 21, 2009 at 3:37 pm

Normally I disapprove of wearing athletic shoes with dress clothing, but I saw this image over at the famous fashion blog “The Sartorialist” that really made me re think that.

via The Sartorialist Nov. 19, 2009

Look at the Adidas!

On the Street….GQ on The Bowery, NYC

The post shows just how effective a person can integrate a pair of “street shoes” (i.e. sneakers) into a nice outfit.

I personally found this particularly useful because, in my own profession (teaching) I have often wanted to wear my very comfortable Adidas to work.  But I never did, because I never thought there was just no way I could pull it off.

Then I saw this!  Now I’m really thinking of giving it a shot.  I’m still not sure that I’ll be able to pull it off.  The brown is what makes me have some second thoughts…

Be that as it may, it could be a fun experiment.  If I do end up doing it I’ll post the result.

Side note: About two years ago I really injured my left ankle.  No-a-days I continue to run about three times a week, and at times my left ankle will be really sore.  It is during those days that I just don’t want to wear my dress shoes.  What I have been doing on the days where my ankle is bothering me, is wearing a pair of very comfortable Hush Puppies.


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